An authentic taste of exquisite indian vegetarian Cuisine


Incredible Food

Shayona is one of the few Indian restaurants in London that can masterfully create the mouthwatering flavours and enticing aromas of a multitude of regional Indian cuisines, as well as several East African Indian delicacies. Our “eat as much as you like” Gujarati thali buffet is hugely popular as are our North Indian curries, street food snacks and South Indian delicacies.

an inimitable ambience

Shayona combines the allure of a contemporary and vibrant Indian restaurant along with an air of spirituality and serenity. It is the perfect venue for a lunch or dinner with friends, a family celebration or a quiet evening meal for a couple. The restaurant is family-friendly with ample child dining seats.

For those unfamiliar with our cuisine, our friendly waiters and waitresses are on hand to guide you through the labyrinths of our menu and assist you in choosing the dishes that will best suit your palette.

Acclaimed By Vegetarians & Non Vegetarians Alike

Shayona stands heads and shoulders above other Indian vegetarian restaurants in terms of quality, service, cleanliness and the evocative and unique flavours of our cuisine.

Each mouthful will draw our waves of nostalgia of trips to India and East Africa and perfectly represent the authentic flavours of Gujarati, Punjabi, Rajasthani & South Indian cuisine.

What makes our food so delightful and distinctive? Our masterfully crafted spice combinations, the freshness of our ingredients, the culinary flair or our chefs and the warm hospitality of our staff. These all make Shayona such a popular and delightful restaurant, where you can experience and savour wonderfully diverse Indian cuisine.

Michelin Featured 2021
M5 star hygiene
Trip Advisor 4 star
Google 4.3 Star
Square Meal 85